My wife says that I'm a restless spirit!
I suppose I am.  
One day  the creative juices nudge me in one direction, the next day I'm off in another! 
That's what excites me as an artist !
 I like to think of myself as  a visual explorer.  I try to let discoveries lead me into new territory - visually speaking.
The works you will see in my various galleries may seem very different from each other.  
But to me, they all intertwine.  They make perfect sense to me! 
My wife Christina Smith is an artist also. She has been quite content painting birds for 39 years now,  beautifully I might add!   But for me , that just doesn't work. Restless artist? Yes and proud of it.
We enjoy living in the Ozarks of Arkansas
Fayetteville is a university town so there is a lot of culture and diversity here.   We  especially enjoy the art and music community.  Some of my work centers around my love of blues music - especially the old delta blues and I'm an avid fan of several local blues musicians here.   Crystal Bridges, an American art museum, is just forty-five minutes north of us.  It opened in 2011 and is an important national gallery, a "must see" if you are ever in our area.  Northwest Arkansas is a rugged landscape of densly wooded mountains, clear rocky streams and the wildlife to go with it!  We have black bears, elk and mountain lions but are more likely to see white-tailed deer, raccoons and squirrels in our back yard.  The Ozark Mountains are a beautiful and restful place.  
A good place to come home to.